Best Landing Page Builders that Actually Work in 2019

If you want to be at the top of the competition, make sure that your marketing tools are modern enough to generate targeted leads.


Targeted leads are not possible with the best landing page builders. Typical boring home pages and sites may not be sufficient to generate revenue for your site.

People want maximum ease and information about your business and products and that’s why we are going to guide you about best landing page builder 2019.

Why Landing Page Builder

Why you should use landing page builders for your business when you can get a stunning website? The answer is pretty simple that the best landing page builder can generate way better sales than any typical standard home page.

A landing page creation tool makes sure that the user pays attention to a specific point that you are promoting on your site. Instead of messing up the whole page, landing page builder tools intelligently distribute the content so users can get a better idea of your product.

We understand that the landing page is not built automatically but there are some best landing page builders in 2019 that can this task really easy for you. This article is an overview of top landing page builders that you can try in 2019 for better leads and sales.

1.     ClickFunnels

When higher sales and better conversions are the end goals, a well-optimized landing page builder is going to be your best option. ClickFunnels is surely one of the best landing page builders that comes with all the advanced features and options.

Either you want your users to sign up for a specific website or want them to perform any action, ClickFunnels provide targeted leads for every business. ClickFunnels has gained millions of new users due to their amazing marketing strategies.

Better Conversion

ClickFunnels has included all the advanced features that can convert your visitors to potential buyers. The main focus of ClickFunnels is on creating the converting landing pages and the results show that they are pretty successful in their mission.

Pricing Plans

ClickFunnels is also offering a free trial for new users. If you have any doubt and want to try things out before making the final purchase, you can go for the free trial.

If we talk about pricing plans of ClickFunnels, it seems like an expensive option as their standard package starts from $97 per month and enterprise package starts from $297 per month. If you are running a big firm, you must try this one.


  • Easy to use drag and drop editor
  • There are many professional templates included in ClickFunnels
  • There are ready to use checkout pages in ClickFunnels
  • All the testing options like A/B testing are included


  • If something goes wrong with their hosting, you all landing pages will go down
  • You might have to learn a little bit about the features

2.     GetResponse Landing Pages

GetResponse usually appears at the top of the fastest growing landing page builders in 2019. They have acquired millions of new clients in the last few years. Their landing page builder tool comes with a complete package of fully optimized features and testing options for converting landing pages.

This tool is packed with all the intelligent email marketing tools and testing options that can give a real boost to your sales and revenues.


GetResponse provides full control of your landing page and you can do almost everything with their editor. Easy to use drag and drop editor can be used to build an awesome converting landing page in a few minutes.

Pricing Plans

GetResponse offers a cheaper option for the small businesses as their basic plan starts from $15 per month and that is reasonable for any business out there. If you want to spend more budgets, you can upgrade your plan accordingly.


  • A cheaper option for small businesses too
  • GetResponse also offers mobile app facility and you can access it from anywhere
  • Their templates and landing pages are very easy to customize


  • It might feel complicated in the start but you will learn quickly
  • They provide no phone support
  • Many add-ons may not be applicable to the testing options

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3.     Instapage

The name shows that this landing page builder tool is all about creating instant landing pages in no time. They are offering hundreds of professional landing page templates on their site and your own landing page will be live in a few minutes.

This landing page offers basic options and features as compared to other options that we have already discussed but it is also a plus point for the new users.

Better Option for Beginners

GetResponse and Unbounce offer ultimate customization features but that can be hard for beginners to use all the features. Instapage offers less customizability but beginners will surely love this landing page builder tool.

Pricing Plans

It is not the cheapest option but still, it is cheaper than many best landing page builders. Their very basic starter package costs $68 per month and you can get agency plan for $203 per month.


  • The landing page creation process is super-fast and easy
  • Analytics reports are really detailed
  • Both experts and beginners can use this tool


  • Less flexible as compared to Unbounce and many other
  • There are no popup allowed
  • The A/B testing features are not included in the standard package

4.     Wishpond

This is not just a simple landing page creation tool but a complete package of all the tools that you need to beat the competition in the marketing fields. Either you want to use automation for your site or want to create social media content for your site; Wishpond is going to be the all in one marketing tool for your business.

Pricing Plans

With their standard package of $49 per month, you can capture almost 1000 leads and if you want more leads, you can upgrade your plan.


  • You can create unlimited landing pages and social media content
  • Many site tasks can be automated with Wishpond
  • Pricing plans are based on leads instead of features


  • Wishpond might not be the best-dedicated landing page builder tool
  • The customization options are really simple and limited

Final Verdict on Best Landing Page Builders

Each and every landing page builder has some options that are missing in another one. So, the best landing page builder must have all the features and options that you are looking for. Always choose the best landing page builder tool that fits your needs and budget.

Best Landing Page Builders that Actually Work in 2019

If you want to be at the top of the competition, make sure that your marketing tools are modern enough to generate targeted leads. Targeted leads are not p

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